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Corporate barter brings media owners incremental advertising. It helps bring you new advertisers and brands and increases the volume of advertising in the marketplace. Through barter, you can also use your media space to make corporate purchases.

Incremental business

Barter brings you incremental business. This is normally in the form of clients/brands that are new or lapsed, or we are able to help get greater spend or share.


As the barter industry grows it is important your business has good understanding of how to get the most from it. We can present to all levels within your company, including finance.


Fortitude pay you on time & any queries are settled quickly.


Use your advertising inventory to pay for corporate requirements. Using a ratio, you can fund any and all of your corporate needs knowing the space will be filled with incremental advertising.


The terms and conditions of a barter campaign are the same as a non-barter campaign.

Case study

A media owner in the out of home sector wanted to hold an event for media agencies and clients to celebrate their birthday. It was the last quarter of the year and the marketing budget had already been spent.

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  • Danny’s excellent knowledge of barter and his experience of working within the media agency landscape ensures reliable, trustworthy and solid business outcomes. Fortitude constantly delivers results for our clients

    Duncan Collins, Managing Director, AMS

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