Using excess stock to get your message out there


An advertiser had a TV ad they wanted to run in cinemas, however, the marketing budget had already been spent on an earlier TV campaign. The media agency brought Fortitude in to meet the client to discuss whether barter could help them to create a budget to fund the extra advertising


The client, a soap brand, had recently changed some of its packaging. It had lots of stock with the old packaging but did not want this to go on general sale. Fortitude contacted a stock clearance specialist who repackaged and rebranded the soap and sold it to hotel chains and restaurants around the UK. The client received 50% of the sale of the goods which was used to fund the cinema advertising.



  • Bought their cinema campaign and cleared excess stock from their warehouse.


  • Received additional media commissions from the cinema campaign and were also paid a fee for providing a service outside of their normal remit.

Media owners:

  • Received money that would not have otherwise been in the market

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